Safety Regulations


Safety and security is the responsibility of everyone. Behaviour should be driven by safety, not convenience. Taking responsibility for your personal safety and looking out for others is an important safety requirement in the Residence.

Security is important in Barkley Hall. The entrance doors of the Residence must not be propped open or pegged back other than for the purpose of moving goods. Doors being left open compromise the security of the Residence and therefore its tenants.

Fire Regulations

Residents will be required to participate in fire drills, be familiar with the standard fire orders and evacuation plan, and observe fire regulations.

The Residence is protected by smoke detectors, a sprinkler system, and the EWIS Fire & Evacuation System. The alarms have two tones. The first tone is an alert to warn that a smoke detector has been activated and the second is an evacuation siren. Should the alarms sound, all residents must immediately evacuate the building and assemble on the front oval.

The kitchens are equipped with fire blankets and extinguishers. Even so, cooking on the stove top needs to be supervised at all times. Do not leave the kitchen while using the stove. Damage incurred due to neglect will be charged to your account.

The smoke detectors are very sensitive and even steam and aerosol sprays may activate the alarms. Naked flames, which include oil burners, wick-burning lamps and candles, are also prohibited.

Smoking is not permitted on the College property.

Exits are to be kept clear at all times. Nothing is to be left in the hallways that may impede evacuation or could cause a person to trip. Hallways and doorways are to be kept as clearways at all times. Floor space in bedrooms should also be kept clear so as not to impede evacuation.

Note: As fire is a major hazard to health and property any misuse or tampering of any kind with fire equipment, including extinguishers, alarms, smoke detectors and sprinkler systems cannot be tolerated. Anyone found to have done so may expect to be expelled from Barkley Hall.

Other Hazards

Residents must be highly conscious of not acting in such a way as to endanger their own life, or the lives of others.

Any explosive or combustible materials, firearms or other offensive weapons, or any other dangerous or offensive items are prohibited.

Residents or their visitors or guests must not bring alcoholic beverages and non-medicinal drugs into the College. Use/consumption/storage of alcoholic beverages or non-medicinal drugs on campus and residential buildings operated by the College is not permitted.

Pet animals, birds, insects or reptiles are not permitted.

Scooters, rollerblades and skateboards are not to be used within the buildings or on the roadways, neither are ball games to be played inside or in the courtyard. The tennis court and ovals are provided for these activities.

First Aid

The House Parents are qualified in First Aid. First Aid Kits are available for emergency use only in the Residence kitchens and in the Main Building Kitchen. Residents are encouraged to provide their own personal kits.